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Now Let's Perform

Change Management is not a request! It is what all supervisory and management personnel need to be able to instigate, implement and apply.       


Dealing with change also requires a high degree of personal acceptance. Spectrum Linguistics & Performance Development Ltd can help in this area with its unique combination of Training, Coaching and Therapy designed to equip you with the behavioural flexibility you require and the confidence, competence and credibility to carry through change successfully.


Now Let's Perform! is an eight month supervisory and management development training  programme combining the traditional management training disciplines with a high level of Neuro Linguistic Programming and TimeLine Therapy™. Aimed at fast tracking progress, through practical applications of techniques and uniquely, continuing professional coaching support throughout the duration of the programme.

The programme consists of eight intensive 1 day workshops which build into a comprehensive programme of supervisory and management skills required of today's leaders, supervisors and managers, month on month increasing confidence, competence and credibility in you, in the workplace,  invaluable!.


Attendees are tasked with practical exercises between days to help consolidate and cement their learnings and to share for discussion and analysis on future days. All attendees will benefit from the added bonus of having their own coach, qualified to master practitioner level in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and hypnosis, throughout the programme.


The course splits into eight topic areas:


Dealing with Time - Discover the values you place on time, understand why your other values are challenging this precious resource. Discover your past and future using Time Line Therapy™. Learn prioritising techniques, how to deal with your time thieves, plus learn powerful new strategies to re-programme your mind into a productive outcome focussed friend. Uncover the real reasons behind why your goals and timeframes slip and learn how to prevent this from happening.


Dealing with Self - Discover your beliefs and values in life, in work, in relationships and not just the ones you knew about. Learn about the limiting beliefs and decisions which are still shaping your way forward. Master valuable strategies for dealing with State management, stress relief and relaxation techniques. Identify your preferences, your internal representations and your predicates for communicating and how to change them to gain greater influence with others.


Dealing with Others - Start to communicate in a way that allows you to understand other people's beliefs and the values they are working from. Learn to influence and be influenced! Gain a greater rapport, create an environment of mutual trust and learn extremely powerful linguistic interventions which once mastered will allow you to draw out from others the real reasons for performance. Learn the essential techniques for mentoring and coaching others to allow them to achieve their potential.


Dealing with Teams - Understand the team dynamics and make up. Learn the leadership styles, your preferred style and how to effectively switch between styles. Discover who to use in specific team roles by aligning people to their preferred position or stretch their comfort zones by deliberately mismatching them? Improve efficiency by mastering the art of goal and objective setting. Understand why S.M.A.R.T. is not enough! Learn how to really motivate others using their values and how to manage your high achievers and under performers.


Dealing with Thinking - Expand your thinking capabilities learn new linguistic patterns to think circles around others, literally. Discover quantum linguistics and how it can help to flatten problems. Practice chunking exercises to take you above the problem. Delve into DeBono and start your own thinking club. Unleash your creativity on your Timeline.


Dealing with Feelings - Learn where your feelings reside and how to stop them from being your detractor. Help others to understand and deal with their own feelings. Develop a methodology for changing the way that you feel about something or someone to allow you to progress. Learn a greater degree of sensory acuity to really challenge incongruent behaviour in yourself and others. Learn to use your emotional intelligence and how to rid yourself of unwanted negative emotions.


Dealing with Visioning - New ways to set yourself and others the goals that matter- 121 and appraisals with strong vision, not just SMART! Deal with your past and construct the future you want for yourself and that your business needs from you right now. Experience your TimeLine and know what to do to gain clarity on your ideas.


Dealing with the Whole - The eighth topic area brings the disciplines together to create the full spectrum of behavioural flexibility needed in today's challenging management and leadership roles. At the end of the eight month programme you will have gained through training, coaching and practice a high level of mastery of the art which is people management - the ultimate Neuro Linguistic Manager.


What's included?



Spectrum Linguistics and Performance Development's Now Lets Perform! management development open programme is run at various times throughout the year for supervisors and management personnel from different companies.


We can also tailor a bespoke programme for individual companies and deliver it to your own supervisory and management teams either at our hotel locations or your own choice of venue.


The individual topic areas are also available as separate one day workshops and can include the personal breakthrough and continued professional coaching sessions.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for further information and prices.


Course Dates

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